Treasure Art Gallery presents The Mind’s Eye, a flagship exhibition by Prabhakar Kolte


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Prabhakar Kolte solo exhibition to be unveiled after 15 years in Delhi

New Delhi, September 24, 2021: Prabhakar Kolte, an abstractionist who has spent his life on the journey of abstraction, is set to unveil a historical spectacle in the capital Delhi after 15 years.

Kolte’s last exhibition was in New Delhi, in 2006, with a catalog essay by critic and curator Uma Nair. Now, in 15 years, around 60 strange works with three installations will be on display in a new gallery installed at Defense Colony called the Treasure Art Gallery.

Treasure Art Gallery Director Tina Chandroji is extremely honored and happy to move to Delhi and hopes to increase the city’s artistic clientele in the art market with contemporary Indian art.

TAG opens with an exhibition by Prabhakar Kolte, the first abstractionist who created abstract masterpieces on paper, on canvas in acrylics and in oils over the past 50 years. Kolte is a vintage name in the abstraction world and one of Sir JJSchool of Art Mumbai’s greatest teachers.

“We would like to add to the city’s character of art exhibitions and hope to expand our reach with established artists as well as emerging contemporaries,” says Chandroji, a second generation art collector. “We hope to serve the arts in many ways and look forward to establishing new relationships in Delhi, which has a thriving art market. ”

Kolte’s solo exhibition features stellar artwork and it spans a period of time while most of it is from the past 10 years. The curator of the exhibition is curator and critic Uma Nair who wrote a series of essays for a founding catalog.

With this exhibition, Delhi art lovers will see art in a large space built over two floors at Defense Colony. The exhibition is scheduled to open on October 9, 2021. Among the canvases, works on paper and drawings, three intriguing installations add to Kolte’s creative repertoire. The fair is expected to last a few months so that many art lovers and art students have the opportunity to discover this great master of Mumbai.

For curatorial advisor Uma Nair, this exhibition is important because it will show art lovers and artists how important abstraction is as a journey of devotion and dedication. It will show art lovers and collectors the importance of color, outline and composition when an artist of great merit creates.

Nair hopes to bring this exhibit to a few other significant cities to showcase the depth and journey of abstract master Kolte whom she considers to be one of the best in the field.

“At a time when many artists believe that abstraction is just color and a few strokes, this exhibition will unveil the truth that abstraction arose from inner journeys,” says Nair.

“The world of abstraction is all about transcending superficial fantasy and entering into the dynamics of design as well as deeper contemplative experiences,” she adds.

Treasure Art Gallery:

Located in the heart of New Delhi at Defense Colony, the Treasure Art Gallery (TAG) was born out of a vision to build an institution dedicated to modern and contemporary Indian art. Treasure Art Gallery (TAG) officially launches into the Indian contemporary art sector with a curated retrospective exhibition of veteran modernist Prabhakar Kolte of Mumbai.

TAG, a gallery with a difference, aims above all to offer a panoramic view of the arts they represent. We aim to encourage collaboration with institutions and artists by bringing an active discourse around art and by creating business partnerships. TAG also aims to support seminars, workshops, conferences, discussions and discussions that contextualize art within the framework of a critical dialogue. We truly respect and value modern masters and simultaneously encourage emerging and cutting edge contemporary artists. Our aim is to provide a cohesive environment where young artists can contextualize their work alongside masters of Indian art and find avenues for their own journeys.

Prabhakar Kolte:

Prabhakar Kolte was born in 1946, in a village called Nerurpar in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. He graduated from the Sir JJ School of Art, Mumbai in 1968. He also taught there between 1972 and 1974. The artist has several solo exhibitions to his name. He has participated in many important group exhibitions both nationally and internationally. He received the ‘Druga Bhagwat Award’ for his book ‘From Art to Art’ – a compilation of various articles on art, in 2010. He has written about international and national artists for the Mauj publication (Marathi magazine).

One of the pioneers of Indian Abstract Expressionism, Kolte has successfully pursued his unique abstract language for over five decades with innovations, experiments and timely changes within it, in order to make paintings fresh and vivid. .

His early works show a strong influence from Paul Klee, the Swiss artist and teacher whose childish figures belied the sophistication of his richly textured surfaces. Kolte’s abstract paint layering echoes cityscapes where signs and textures provide a glimpse into his modernist consciousness. His early works are characterized by a single dominant color in the background, on which lighter and more complex geometric or organic shapes are juxtaposed.

The operating system that Kolte discovered for his works was a sort of color field but fundamentally different from that of the color field abstractionists of his time like Marc Rothko, Robert Motherwell, Clyfford Still and so on. What he did was not even very similar to the paintings by KCS Paniker in the south or GR Santhosh or Biren De in the north. He was even different from his immediate predecessors like Raza, Gaitonde, Ram Kumar and Swaminathan. But the most interesting thing about Kolte is that throughout his career he had the spirit of this international abstract movement which then condensed into a philosophy of life rather than just an artistic style or a simple lingua. Kolte was a conversion of life in terms of color. He occupied everything that concerned life; music with harsh banality. Using an aesthetic alchemy, he transformed them into pictorial expressions that opened wider and narrower slits allowing the viewer to enter and sealing the next moment, a sort of visual entrapment for aesthetic engagement.

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Conservation Advisor: Uma Nair

Vernissage: Saturday October 9, 2021, preview: 6 pm-9pm

The exhibition will be visible until December 10, 2021 from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (closed on Sundays)

Location: Treasure Art Gallery, D-24, Defense Colony, New Delhi – 110024

Treasure Art Gallery

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