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The Arcata gallery on H Street in Arcata, of course! Window Resin by Eli Grant | Photos: Stéphanie McGeary


The city center of Arcata will soon have a new place where artists can display their work and art lovers can buy it (or at least contemplate it). works by local artists.

The two artists themselves, gallery owners Eli Grant and Matt Henderson said they had struggled to find places to display their art in the area. One of the missions of the Arcata Gallery, they said, is to be accessible to artists who may not feel that their work could be shown in other spaces.

“When I was starting out as an artist and looking for places to hang my work, I felt like a lot of places weren’t my style or my niche,” Grant told the Outpost earlier this week, as he and Henderson prepared the gallery for the grand opening. “We want to cater for everyone and all styles and be totally community oriented. ”

Henderson (left) and Grant pause to hang paintings

“[We want it to] just be a place where young artists can come in and feel like they belong, ”Henderson added.

But Henderson and Grant wanted to be clear that they aren’t just showing youth work and will be wearing paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and pottery from artists of all ages and backgrounds.

For the opening, the Arcata Gallery will feature five local artists – Henderson, who will exhibit his vibrant splash paintings; Grant, who pours psychedelic resin; Julian DeMark, who will be showing his birch woodblock prints, sculptures and engravings, Rob Busch and Ceak Kytrell, both of whom will be exhibiting their oil paintings.

You might recognize the work of Kytrell, who often paints and exhibits his work outdoors in Arcata Square or next to the Old Town Lookout. Grant and Henderson said as soon as they started launching the gallery, they knew right away they wanted to show Kytrell’s work. “He’s a hard-working painter and he’s trying to jump right into the art world,” Grant said. “And I love his wit. By the time we approached him he was so ecstatic.

An oil painting by Ceak Kytrell

In addition to hosting art exhibitions, Grant and Henderson want the gallery to serve as a community gathering place (in a COVID-safe way, of course.) In the future, they hope to hold classes and events. workshops led by local artists, artisans, writers. and more.

When asked about the name of the gallery, Henderson and Grant said they just wanted something simple and to the point, but also felt it expressed their deep connection to the city and their desire to be community-driven.

“We’re both such Arcata dudes,” Grant told the Outpost. “We’ve both been hanging out in Arcata forever. We both grew up here. And we just felt like it would belong to the community. It’s not “the Matt and Eli gallery”, it’s “the Arcata gallery”.

The Arcata Gallery – located at 1063 H Street, next to Arcata Pizza & Deli – will open on Saturday, October 2 at 10 a.m. and will remain open until 9 p.m. There will be live music, food and drink starting at 4 p.m. Masks are mandatory. Regular gallery hours will be Tuesday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

You can find out more or contact the owners by following The Arcata Gallery on Facebook or Instagram.

Woodcuts by Julian DeMark


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