Using art and dance to explain the concept of space


Ballet Des Moines’ new show explores the concept of space and uses dance to help explain the process.

DES MOINES, Iowa — A new performance by Ballet Des Moines, titled “Of Gravity and Light,” combines art and science.

Thousands of students in central Iowa got a taste of it.

“[It’s] an interdisciplinary performance bringing together the science of space through the lens of music and movement,” said Blaire Massa, CEO of Ballet Des Moines.

The show had been in the works for over a year, bringing together the help of teaching artists, scientists and choreographers to help people experience space and science in a new way.

Part of the performance included interacting with the audience.

Massa noted that this was important because it was an indicator of how other students in the class would react to the lessons created to accompany the show.

The program is called “Of Gravity and Light: Teaching the Science of Our Solar System Through Creativity and Curiosity”. Massa described it as a modular science program that meets national middle school and next-generation science standards.

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In addition to music and movement helping teach about the solar system, the program would also include hands-on activities and multimedia resources from NASA, GBH and PBS.

“If you’re trying to understand the concept of gravity without feeling it in your body, it’s really even more difficult. So we just exploit those artistic means to creatively understand the content,” Massa said.

“It’s about building the confidence of our students and young people to find their own path and just get excited about what interests you and go for it.”

The program is expected to launch statewide this fall.

The full performance of “Of Gravity and Light” will be Friday at 7 p.m. You will find ticket information. here.


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