WEREWOLF BY NIGHT Concept Art Reveals a Transformed Jack Russell in Living Colors


night werewolf was Marvel Studios’ first special presentation, and if that’s any indication of what’s to come, we’ll be exploring many exciting and unexpected aspects of the MCU on Disney+ going forward.

This horror-themed adventure introduced us to characters like Jack Russell, Man-Thing, and Elsa Bloodstone, and now we can take a closer look at Werewolf by Night. Shown only sparingly in the black-and-white special (reminiscent of horror films of yesteryear), this artwork by Billy Christian features the character’s comically accurate design.

There were, of course, a few changes for his live debut, including the face paint worn by Gael García Bernal’s Jack. This gives the character an extra touch that sets him apart from other werewolves on the big screen and pays homage to the legacy of his human side.

While by no means has a rampaging monster like Werewolf by Night been portrayed in some recent comics, we’ve seen how formidable it is. However, the fact that Jack has no control in this form…well, that could be problematic if he joined a team like the Legion of Monsters.

“A Halloween horror delight, Werewolf by Night is an awe-inspiring and macabre Marvel monster tale that introduces killer new characters and proves that Marvel Studios can still find plenty of ways to surprise us.” we said so in our review of the Marvel Studios Special Presentation. “More man-thing is a must!”

Speaking of the Man-Thing, we’re hoping concept art of “Ted” will appear online shortly as well.

Take a closer look at the MCU’s Nighttime Werewolf below!


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