Will Kingdom Hearts 4 feature a more realistic art style?


Square Enix showed off their best footing with the new trailer for kingdom hearts 4. Not only does the recent preview suggest the game will be absolutely stunning, it even gives audiences a glimpse of a new world unlike anything we’ve seen before in the series. However, this trailer also worried some fans. How? ‘Or’ What different the following Kingdom Hearts the game looks.

The majority of kingdom hearts 4 trailer apparently takes place in the new world of Quadratum, which is almost certainly the most contemporary setting of Kingdom Hearts the story. Quadratum resembles present-day Tokyo and is full of photorealistic buildings, people, cars, and cellphones. A much more modern Sora even wakes up on a modern couch in a modern apartment. He no longer has cartoonish proportions and his signature giant shoes have been replaced with reasonably sized loafers. Overall, Sora seems to fit in with the people of Quadratum and seems to belong to Final Fantasy XV instead of Kingdom Hearts games as we know them. Since the majority of kingdom hearts 4 trailer features this art style, the implication seems to be that the sequel will use more photorealistic graphics. At least, that’s what many people assumed to be the case before the trailer’s “after-credits scene” started playing.

During the last 30 seconds of the video, the audience sees Donald Duck and Goofy looking for Sora. Donald and Goofy look completely different from the rest of the trailer (i.e. they look exactly the same as in kingdom hearts 3). Granted, their models have been improved, but otherwise the character designs are still as cartoonish as ever. Which give? Why would Sora sport realistic proportions and textures but Donald and Goofy don’t? Probably because they are not in Quadratum with him.

Throughout the Kingdom Hearts franchise, Sora and the gang occasionally undergo costume changes to fit in. For example, in kingdom hearts 3Sora, Donald, and Goofy swap their normal clothes for pirate clothes as they travel the world of Pirates of the Caribbean. Of course, the character models retain their normal proportions, but the textures are more complicated. They even feature dirt and wrinkles that match the live-action aesthetic of this world.


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