Xbox Series X Box Art Concept Would Be A Stylish Change For Microsoft



What does the Xbox Series X plan to do when it comes to physical games? A good chunk of consumers are still just physical, and there’s no doubt that the next-gen PS5 and Microsoft console will fight for visual dominance when they start to fill store shelves. With the appearance of the gaming boxes being almost as iconic as the games themselves, it’s no wonder fans of the console are getting their thoughts on what the packaging should look like. Luckily, some amazing art concepts for the Xbox Series X art box may have hit the nail on the head already.

The hype is slowly building on the next generation; Since the Xbox Series X reveal at the 2019 Game Awards, industry news about consoles has trickled down to the publisher with the upper hand. While I’ve argued that the PS5 will win over mainstream consumers through the logo alone, some of my other fellow DualShockers are a bit more hesitant to take that leap. Fortunately, this hype helps produce some awesome concepts, including this art from the box below.

The concept of Xbox Series X box art (created by an unknown Reddit user) may be tastefully perfect. In 2020, a minimal brand image is a victory, allowing more focus on art real estate. More importantly, you may notice that the label says “Xbox” instead of “Xbox Series X”. This is most likely Microsoft’s goal, given that they intend to adopt an Apple-like naming convention instead of a numbered platform approach. Adopting it squarely on the console, marketing the game as “Enhanced” instead of dedicating it to the XSX would probably be a foolish decision for the team.

In other recent Xbox news, Microsoft Studios’ Matt Booty revealed earlier this week that the new Xbox console won’t launch with dedicated launch exclusives, in hopes of speaking to an established ecosystem. This is a drastically different take on the historic launches and what’s supposed to happen to the PS5 launch lineup. Either way, it will be interesting to see how this strategy works.

The PS5, Xbox Series X, and next-gen gaming consoles as a whole seem to be exceptionally fertile ground for concept artists. We loved this idea of ​​what the PS5 splash screen should look like, and think PlayStation design developers should be looking at nostalgia for the game.

Either way, the Xbox Series X plans to launch this holiday 2020. As more information becomes available on Microsoft’s next console, DualShockers will make sure to keep you posted.

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