Zimbabwe: Varun will present the concept of grow boxes


VARUN Beverages Zimbabwe, one of the country’s largest beverage companies, intends to introduce the concept of grow boxes, which will change the look of its canned products.

This will see the inclusion of images of the majestic Victoria Falls, baobab, iconic balancing rocks and stone art from Zimbabwe on popular brands such as Pepsi, 7up and Mirinda cans.

The beverage maker said it will put the images of Victoria Falls and the majestic baobab images on the Pepsi cans, while the 7up cans will be branded with exquisite images of stone art and Zimbabwe’s wildlife. , and that the iconic Balancing Rocks would be engraved on the Mirinda cans.

According to Varun Beverages Zimbabwe, the move aims to improve the beverage company’s relationship with its customers in Zimbabwe.

The move is part of the initiatives the company has put in place to improve its market share in the beverage industry.

“The second largest franchised bottler in the world, PepsiCo is very passionate about innovation and the mutually beneficial Zimbabwe connect.

“The rich culture of Zimbabwe on these cans makes it more exciting and makes the drink cans look rich. Personally, as a Zimbabwean, I am proud to own such international brands with a particularly strong local connection, capturing our rich culture, ”said Dr Fungai Murahwa, vice president of Varun Beverages Zimbabwe in a statement.

This comes at a time when Varun Beverages has positioned unique Christmas trees in Pepsi cans at some locations in Harare City in collaboration with Harare Municipality.

The largest of these Christmas trees was placed in Harare Gardens.

Dr Murahwa said: “The Christmas festival will bring new energy to Zimbabwe, and we hope that the year 2022 will be one of the best years for all Zimbabweans… on that note, Pepsi is putting on a stunning fireworks display. blows on December 24 (Christmas Eve) at Harare Christmas Gardens in Harare Gardens at 7:30 p.m. “

Regarding market share growth initiatives, Varun Beverages noted that the recent installation of a bottled water and cordial line, by President Mnangagwa has helped to ensure a constant supply of the Aquaclear brand of water. in a purified bottle with world-class quality at the most affordable prices for consumers. from Zimbabwe.

In addition, the demand for Soul Sip syrups has increased in the market due to affordable prices and unique taste as it contains 100 percent sugar and no sweeteners.

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